RUMOR: Community Composer Working on Unannounced Sonic Game?

RUMOR: Community Composer Working on Unannounced Sonic Game?

by March 18, 2010

An “Epic Little Secret” Could be a Big Deal

You would think we’d know better after the previous antics this week.  You are wrong.

Let’s continue the tin foil theories with something that may have a bit more bite…and potentially a lot more impact.  Early yesterday, we received another anonymous news tip concerning the activities of Sonic scener Aptiva, an 18 year old guitarist who may be keeping a secret from the fandom.  Here’s what the tipster told us verbatim:

Recently, I was talking to Aptiva, a regular member on another Sonic site whom has a huge secret he’s keeping from the Sonic fanbase.

Originally, I was contacting him for details on his band and where i could download his tunes, but we got onto the topic of his project, and eventually he told me what it was.

Lately, you’ll notice that he’s been throwing minor leads up and giving hints. Well, as it turns out, he’s helping with the music for an as-of-yet un-announced Sonic game. The image he teased us with is actually a magazine scan, heavily dithered, depicting Shadow and Metal Sonic. He hasn’t shown me the full picture, but from what I understand it might be a Sonic Rivals 2 sequel.

Lastly, he mentioned that the song he was doing for the game was called “Riptide Resort”, and that it’d be on an EP his band was selling at PAX East this year, and in Rockband 2 for DLC later.

That’s all I know, make of it as you will.

Given the events of this week, this wasn’t something we were going to take lightly, and the fact that a valid return address wasn’t supplied didn’t help matters.  But when looking at Aptiva’s Sonic Stadium profile, it turns out there’s some corroboration to the tip–especially when you consider Aptiva himself is hinting at something significant, including that altered magazine scan cited, in plain view.

What’s more, Aptiva himself is offering several hints through the profile, including one released today:

Hmmm… Can you make anything out in this blurred photo? This might have something to do with a new game, or maybe an add on to a more recent game. Is it a news article, or perhaps it’s completely bogus and the whole thing is just supposed to throw you off! It’s anyone’s guess!

Also, I’m keeping an epic little secret from the Sonic fanbase, that I know they’d all love to hear about. Well…maybe… Ah, okay, not, not all of them. There’d have to be unity in the fanbase to use such a blanket statement. Either way! My involvement in the series is a little bit more than what meets the eye, ahaha.

I think I’ll be able to tell you all what my big Sonical secret is in about a month, when I get everything cleared officially.

So, we have here either the setup for a very elaborate hoax, or the foundation for a pretty substantial announcement sooner rather than later.  We are treating and clearly labeling this as rumor, but the prospect of another new Sonic not only sounds exciting, it’s in line with the strategy Sega’s Mike Hayes recently spoke of.  We’ll keep you up to date.