Gamespot’s Sonic 4 Preview & New, Clean Screens

Gamespot’s Sonic 4 Preview & New, Clean Screens

by March 25, 2010

Inside, Four New Screenshots, and Control Concerns

The rash of previews continues today with two cents put in from Gamespot, who was first to formally reveal Sonic 4 to the world.

The preview does confirm one important tidbit: that most of the game’s boss battles will be re-imaginations of previous Sonic-Eggman encounters.  That likely means it’ll  be deja vu all over again for veteran fans hoping for a truly brand new experience, at least when it comes to boss battles.

By now, we’ve seen and heard much about the first Splash Hill stage, to an almost ad nauseam scale.  GameSpot’s preview goes a little more in depth, detailing how later acts in the stage will pan out:

Splash Hill Zone Act 2 and Act 3 add a bit more variety. In Act 2, we saw Sonic approach an area that involved swinging from one vine to the next, which seemed like it could be more difficult when zipping through a level at full speed. In Act 3, a bit more trickery was introduced with zip lines placed throughout the level. In all three acts, we saw an assortment of enemies (known as badniks in the Sonic universe), ranging from the plodding ladybug-like motobug to the chameleon that likes to shoot projectiles at Sonic before disappearing back into the wall. As far as items in these levels are concerned, we got a brief glimpse of the shoe power-up in action (which lets Sonic run even faster), as well as the shield power-up that grants Sonic a brief moment of invulnerability.

GameSpot writer Giancarlo Varanini ended the preview with one concern that hasn’t been talked about much–a matter of control:

While we can plainly see that Sonic 4 will strike a chord with fans of the classic game, we’re left wondering how well it’ll control.

While GameSpot’s preview wasn’t all roses, it also came with a battery of more screenshots.  Once again, some were new, and some were not.  Most are from last week’s Splash Hill spectacular on the Sonic 4 website, but there were four new screenshots, and they were released today, clean, on the official website as part of the weekly update.  Those are now available in our gallery.  You’ll note there’s more to see from later levels of Splash Hill, including an extra life icon.  You’ll also see that Sonic himself has a lot more movement than just running and spinning.  Check it out in the gallery below.