Bentley Jones Hit by Hackers?

Bentley Jones Hit by Hackers?

by March 26, 2010

“Security Issues” Prompt Public Advisory, Contest Affected

Things just keep getting worse for Bentley Jones and his music company Remix Factory Music.

Eerily quick on the heels of a possible legal battle brewing between him and Sega, Jones–real name Lee Brotherton–has advised fans and website visitors to be on the lookout for impostors.  Said pranksters are claiming to be representatives of Remix Factory or Jones himself, and there may be enough of them that the website issued a public advisory yesterday.

TSSZ News has learned the advisory may have been prompted by one or more people fraudulently E-Mailing participants in Bentley’s recent So Much More contest, posing as a representative, and claiming the recipient won a prize.  Supporting this claim is a Tweet Jones made on his official account yesterday, explaining how winners have already been chosen, with their prizes now on the backburner until the matter is resolved.

“Competition winners have been contacted & notified of prize delivery delay due to current security status,” Jones tweeted.

The advisory released is available for your review below.  If you did participate in Jones’s recent contest, it may be worth heeding the advice given within.

We are currently experiencing security issues relating to Bentley Jones and Remix Factory Music websites and accounts.

If you are contacted in any way (private messages, e-mails, comments etc.) by a person or persons claiming to be Bentley Jones, Remix Factory Music staff or any related party, and the content is of a concerning nature please notify us immediately via our official websites, accounts or legal staff.

We have notified the relative websites (including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google) and local authorities, both of whom are surveilling the situation along with IMLA. Any fraudulent, threatening or abusive behaviour will be taken very seriously and may result in the offending account(s) being disabled by the site administrators, or, if breaching digital and personal protection rights, will be reported to local authorities.