Japanese Sonic 4 Website Properly Launches

Japanese Sonic 4 Website Properly Launches

by April 9, 2010

With it, Some More Splash Hill Screenshots

Today the Japanese website for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 saw a proper launch beyond the teaser page that had been online since February.

As the domestic sites have done, the Japanese site offers a closer look at Sonic, Eggman, the storyline, and the game’s Splash Hill Zone.  Culture clashes here, as the descriptions between Japanese and English are far different; as an example there is no mention of “budget cuts” when speaking about Eggman on the Japanese website.

There appears the elements of video at the end of the six part site tour that doesn’t want to load; we assume that component remains under tight wraps.  Unwrapped today, though, were a few screenshots from Splash Hill Zone–some old, some not.  We’re sharing what we believe to be some of the new ones in our gallery below.

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