PartnerNET Leaks Affirm DLC for Sonic Adventure XBLA

PartnerNET Leaks Affirm DLC for Sonic Adventure XBLA

by April 23, 2010

DX Play May Command a DX Price

Last weekend’s PartnerNET leaks of several in-progress titles for XBOX Live arcade included Sonic Adventure.  In video form, scattered playthroughs were made available through other channels, and for the most part, they have been removed by the respective providers.

But amid some of the video that was briefly released this week were two items of note for the coming XBLA edition.  First, some playthroughs showcased a menu option to download content for the game, available below the Help & Options menu.

Were that not enough to affirm DLC, other videos showed off menus detailing the availability of both Sonic Adventure as standalone, and two “extend packages.”  There is rampant speculation one of those packages could the Director’s Cut.  It’s not immediately clear what the other could be.

So, it looks like gamers could get the original SA first, with the option to purchase the Director’s Cut at a later date.  As is the standard for most items on the service, nothing is set in stone yet, and we don’t even have a formal announcement for Sonic Adventure XBLA yet.  We’ll be sure to follow up on anything else we hear.