Sonic Adventure XBLA Also Leaked for Download

Sonic Adventure XBLA Also Leaked for Download

by May 11, 2010

Not Yet Announced, But Now In Hands of Hackers

Through a news tip, TSSZ News has learned the XBOX Live port of Sonic Adventure that also made its way to PartnerNET–and has not been officially announced for release by Sega to the console–has been illegally released online for download.

The tipster pointed us in the direction of a Polish hacking forum that offered the product for download without restriction.  The dump was dated April 17th, required a console with JTAG circuitry to use, and came in at just over 1192MB in size.  As it is outright piracy, it is TSSZ News policy not to share links to such content.

Yesterday, word quickly spread of a Sonic 4 build that made its way through the warez circuits.  That, too, appears to have been dumped in mid-April.  It’s unclear whether the same individual or group is responsible for these releases.

Also unclear are the actions, if any, that Sega are taking to suppress leaks of this level.  For now, both builds of Sonic Adventure and Sonic 4 for XBOX360 continue to circulate in less reputable areas.