Clean Sonic Colors Artwork Released from Japan

Clean Sonic Colors Artwork Released from Japan

by May 27, 2010

Plus, Will the Game Make an E3 Appearance?

Through the Japanese website Game Watch Impress, we’ve learned Sonic Colors won’t just be for gamers in North America and Europe

The Nintendo Wii and DS exclusive title will also make it to consoles in Japan, and that was affirmed with the opening of the official Japanese website for Sonic Colors. The game will release around the same time as everywhere else, in that late 2010 / Holiday timetable.

With the news comes a tidbit of new information, and some new artwork.  First, the information-TSSZ News has learned Sonic Colors for DS–the joint effort of Sonic Team and Dimps–will utilize both screens in-game a la Sonic Rush. The game will also make an appearance at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo–now a couple weeks away in Los Angeles–and we’ve learned it will be playable on the show floor. (That’s not our exclusive information we teased earlier today, by the way…that’s still to come later this evening.)

For the artwork, you can see the slight modification to the Sonic Colors logo in Japan, as well as a clean pose for Sonic’s new render, and those alien Wisps.  They’re in the gallery below.  Keep checking back to TSSZ News for the latest on Sonic Colors–there’s still much more to come.