Clean NP Sonic Color Scans, Part 2

Clean NP Sonic Color Scans, Part 2

by June 3, 2010

Inside, New Details and a Closer Look at the DS Edition

They’re finally here, courtesy of Hero of Legend from FTCR, NeoGAF and elsewhere–the second part of those crystal clear scans from Nintendo Power’s Sonic Colors feature.

The scans are below in our gallery, and you’ll see some new screenshots from both Wii and DS editions there.  Aside from the complete Q&A with Takashi Iizuka, here’s a summary of new information from the pages:

  • Like Super Mario Galaxy, Sonic Colors will take place on planets.  Eight general “planets” were shown in the demo, but there could be more.
  • It’s referenced that one of the planets is shaped eerily like Metal Sonic.
  • On the Wii, there is talk of zone specific gimmicks, with Sweet Mountain Zone cited specifically.  That area will have rockets with jelly beans that can be used to defeat enemies–and Sonic himself.
  • Prison eggs are back, according to the article.  This time, Sonic will release Wisps, instead of animals.
  • On the DS side, Sonic Colors will play much like Sonic Rush, including similar boss battle setup.

Those are the new details, and you can check them out a little more in-depth below.  We’ll follow up on whether the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine will show off anything else new when that issue is released in a couple of weeks.