Clean NP “Sonic Colors” scans tell all

Clean NP “Sonic Colors” scans tell all

by June 3, 2010

Get a better look at Sonic’s next adventure

A couple days ago, we brought you an extremely blurry look at the Sonic Colors article in this month’s issue of Nintendo Power. They were serviceable in the sense that some vague elements of the game could be made out. But let’s be honest: the quality could have been better. Thanks to a news tip from user Woun, we have been pointed in the direction of some much cleaner, much higher quality images originating from the GameFAQs forums. The images are located at the bottom of this article.

The scans provide us with some very tantalizing new information about Sonic Colors. For instance, the article mentions that the drill power-up, activated by collecting a Yellow Wisp, will allow Sonic to tunnel through the ground or “zip through the water like a torpedo”. Those who have played more recent Sonic games should note that last part: water, in most recent Sonic games, is an instant-death hazard; a stark contrast to earlier Sonic games, where water was used as a level mechanic. Sonic Colors, it would seem, returns to using water in a decidedly less deadly manner.

The rest of the article goes on to describe a game that sounds very much like Sonic Unleashed minus both the ability to boost (unless you count using a Wisp power-up) and the Werehog bits. The article even mentions discovering some sort of a “medal” hidden in one of the stages, but Sega refused to comment on its functionality – no doubt a reason to be cautious for those of you out there who thought the medal collection/unlocking system of Sonic Unleashed was a detriment to the game.

The Nintendo DS version, on the other hand, is essentially Sonic Rush 3, by the looks of things, though it obviously adopts the same Wisp power-up system. The DS version will even be receiving two exclusive Wisps, one of which will allow Sonic to boost in mid-air in any direction to, as the article states, “reach high altitudes”. Unfortunately, even these scans are incomplete – the rest of the info on the Nintendo DS version gets cut off. But, with E3 right around the corner, we’ll no doubt be inundated with all of the details soon enough.

In my opinion, Sonic Colors sounds like it might be a great time – and it makes me a little disappointed that it’s being restricted to just the Wii and DS at this point. Given the reported involvement of the “Sonic Storybook” team and the restraint being used on the game’s mechanics, Sonic Colors could be the fresh start Sega has been promising for nearly five years.

Or it could be another in a long line of flawed software. We’ll have to wait and see.