“Sonic 4 is Sonic’s last chance”

“Sonic 4 is Sonic’s last chance”

by June 4, 2010

So says Wired’s “Game|Life” Blog

Sonic the Hedgehog has, for a really long time now, been having it rough. Though there are obviously those of you out there who, for whatever reason, still celebrate the character and the franchise despite obvious and vast flaws, the world beyond the Sonic community is ready to forget the blue blur ever existed. Such is the case with Wired.com’s “Game|Life” blog, whom, moments ago, published an article with a rather direct title: “Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Is Sonic’s Last Chance“.

The article goes in-depth on Sonic’s tumultuous fall from grace, and the leaked video footage that eventually lead to Sonic 4’s delay late last month. But beyond all of the usual Sonic complaints of friends and cycles, the article touches on perhaps the most key component:

No, Sonic’s biggest problem is that Sega may no longer understand what made the original games good to begin with.

Though I’m sure community veterans are no doubt rolling their eyes at such an obvious statement, the article goes a little bit more in-depth than that, specifically outing recent Sonic games for destroying the momentum-fueled risk/reward system that made the recent Sega Genesis games so entertaining.

Instead of incorporating the design principles of older games, it would seem from the videos that Sonic 4 might use the same streamlined level design as contemporary 3-D games. The leaked videos are filled with straightforward levels filled with boost pads and places for Sonic to run fast with minimal risk. Where are the branching pathways, the risk and reward?

You can read the whole article here.