Eurogamer plays Sonic Colors

Eurogamer plays Sonic Colors

by June 15, 2010

“The Sonic series is theoretically capable of making a recovery”

Four hours and counting until Nintendo begins their press conference that will eventually usher in the opening of the show floor at E3 2010. Gripped with terrible insomnia, I’ve been up all night – but the good news is that I have leveraged my lack of sleep to bring you this story regarding Eurogamer’s time spent with Sonic Colors. By now we’ve all read enough preview material for Sonic games to know how this one goes: cautious.

Like many previews to precede it, Eurogamer’s Sonic Colors article describes gameplay that sounds an awful lot like Sonic Unleashed minus the Werehog:

Sonic Colours’ stages are sprawled across a six-armed planet map not entirely dissimilar to Mario’s galaxies. Colours also pulls the same trick of transitioning you between 2D and 3D without much warning, in such a way that you don’t always notice it’s happening. It’s partly on-rails, but not to Secret Rings’ extent – you use the nunchuk’s analogue stick to guide Sonic around tight corners with your own capable thumb without the game wresting away control.

It goes on to describe the E3 demo – featuring as one may expect, Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain. The article praises “fresh level design”, “plenty of alternate routes”, and “vertically-stacked 2D sections”, to name a few.

The article seems to suggest that Sonic can always boost using the B button, much like Sonic Unleashed, but the only way to replenish his boost is by collecting white wisps. Other wisps, like the yellow drill wisp, are activated with Wii remote gestures (like shaking). The game can even apparently be played strictly with only a Wii remote – no nunchuck required, similar to Secret Rings.

If there was one sour point in the demo, it was that it was apparently too easy. The Eurogamer guys managed to S-Rank both levels on their first attempts, and extra lives are apparently more than plentiful.

It would be disappointing if this return to bright, classic Sonic graphics and simple gimmick-free gameplay came with a dumbing-down of the difficulty level.

If you would like to read their full article and get all of the details, simply click here.