Sonic Free Riders E3 Demo, Split Screen Edition

Sonic Free Riders E3 Demo, Split Screen Edition

by June 16, 2010

Double the Motion, Double the Fun

Below is a one minute YouTube video from the PunchJump channel detailing two player action on Sonic Free Riders, with the aid of what appears to be just one XBOX Kinect device.

In this video, you’ll see Jet and Tails–and their two respective players in Sega’s enclosure–duke it out on what appears to be the same course previously dissected. That means more demonstration of the variety of motion controls, including the meme-worthy arm flailing needed to swim characters to the surface of water.

If nothing else, this proves local multiplayer capability for 2 people.  Beyond that may be doubtful, especially on one Kinect.  No clarification has yet been given on any possible online multiplayer component, but considering the combination of motion control and online lag, that too may be a longshot. Still, we’ll keep you informed of anything we hear.