Sega gauging interest for Sonic “Prequel”?

Sega gauging interest for Sonic “Prequel”?

by June 24, 2010

Possible market research study uncovered

Coming out of GoNintendo is an interesting tidbit of news: Sega may be gauging interest for a Sonic the Hedgehog prequel. If for some strange reason you aren’t up on what a “prequel” is, the name is derived from combining the words “Pre” and “Sequel” and is used to define a piece of content that takes place before a previously released piece of content. For example, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was produced in 1998 and takes place before Star Wars: A New Hope (produced in 1977). That makes The Phantom Menace a prequel.

Via a survey through, it would appear that Sega is gauging all manner of videogame interests – but most interesting are the ones that pertain to the Sonic franchise: how appealing you find Sonic’s retro design, whether or not one would be interested in a Sonic the Hedgehog Prequel (set before Sonic 1), and whether playing Sonic games via local or online multiplayer is important. GoNintendo’s source is a user of their site called “Cheeezykat”, who was likely asked to partake in the survey. There are many websites out there that offer compensation to take market research studies (I myself am signed up to, and the images provided by GoNintendo of the survey definitely look more or less legitimate. QAR is a real market research website that specializes in surveys and focus group studies, and the URL listed in GoNintendo’s images lead to a real web address (though obviously one that returns some sort of error because we’re not authorized to take a survey at QAR).

With all of this in mind, it’s looking like Sega may be probing for data on where to take the Sonic franchise next, most likely after Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors. One could imagine an announcement set in place for Sonic’s 20th Anniversary next year revealing a Sonic the Hedgehog Zero of sorts. But, as I feel I should stress, this information will firmly remain within the Rumor territory for now, because of two simple reasons:

  1. Despite some evidence suggesting otherwise, it wouldn’t be difficult to hoax images of this type.
  2. Sega has, obviously, not announced anything officially yet.

Regardless, we have mirrored the images from the original GoNintendo article below.

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