Virtual On: Force Dated in Japan

Virtual On: Force Dated in Japan

by July 30, 2010

Details on Limited Edition Bundle

Good news for importers and fans of the Virtual On franchise: The retail release of Virtual On: Force has just been pegged for December 22nd, according to an AndriaSang report.

It will retail at a premium of ¥6,090, or about $70.  We imagine import retailers will charge a premium over that.  If you’re rolling in the big bucks, you can spend about $120 for the limited edition Virtual On Force Memorial Box 15.  It’s meant to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the series, and will include a six disc soundtrack from all four games, along with a history booklet.  Those and the game will be packaged in a box with artwork by designer Hajime Katoki.

Those are the new details for Virtual On: Force released today.  We’ll bring you new information as it comes in.