Gamescom Sonic Free Riders Interview Pegs Offline Multiplayer at 2

Gamescom Sonic Free Riders Interview Pegs Offline Multiplayer at 2

by August 20, 2010

And Clarification on a TSSZ Report from Yesterday

A new video interview, available below, between and brand manager James Gray again revises the multiplayer options downward for Sonic Free Riders.

Gray confirms in the three minute Q&A two player cooperative and competitive multiplayer action online.  He affirms the presence of online multiplayer but does not go into further detail on how many players that would support.

Yesterday, we reported via TSSZ News affiliate Eversonic clarification from a Sega France demo day on Monday the capability of four player offline multiplayer, which was among the original stats given for the game.  Now that we have a full translation of the Q&A from Eversonic, we want to clarify exact what was meant by those details.  This, according to the translation which we’ll have in full later this evening on TSSZ News:

But that’s not the end because you will be able to play in co-op and play offline with three of your friends. We don’t know at the moment if Kinect will support 4 players at the same time or if two 360 and Kinect system will be necessary. Online, you will fight to 12 players and downloadable contents are already planned. Finally, an intriguing system via Kinect will allow players to tease each other in order to find potential.

The bottom line: there seems to be a bit of internal miscommunication as to this game’s features, but you should absolutely expect at least a two player experience.  The most recent video is available below.