Inside the Pages UPDATE: Sonic Universe #20

Inside the Pages UPDATE: Sonic Universe #20

by September 2, 2010

The Tails Adventure Concludes Inside

Starting today, Archie Comics ships the twentieth issue of the Sonic Universe series to subscribers.

Issue 20 caps off the four part Tails Adventure arc, and it appears Tails and Antoine have stepped into a heap of trouble with Dr. Fukurokov, along with Mole Mech.  But Bunnie steps in, and along with T-Pup, the Freedom Fighters set out to save one another from certain doom.  Ian Flynn penned the script.  Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Phil Felix, and Jason Jensen handled art duties.

The cover and first four pages follow Archie’s official synopsis.  (UPDATE: With thanks to 2reason2 via News Tips, we now have the fifth page available for viewing.)

“Trouble in Paradise” Part Four of Four
Deep in the enemy base, Tails and his friends fight to survive the assault from the terrible Mole Mech! But even if they come out on top, do they stand a chance of escaping with their lives? Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion!
SCRIPT: Ian Flynn.
ART: Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash, Phil Felix, and Jason Jensen
On Sale at Comic Shops: 9/9/2010
Newsstands: 9/21/2010
32-page, 40 lb glossy stock, full-color comic
$2.99 US