Classic Sonic Layouts for Colors “Simulator” Stages a Likely Lock

Classic Sonic Layouts for Colors “Simulator” Stages a Likely Lock

by September 14, 2010

Just Released Video Mimicks Green Hill Layout, 3rd Party Evidence Affirms

There is something significant and pretty firm to come out of the latest Sonic Colors “Simulator” video we showed you this morning–a homage to classic Sonic fare.

The staff and forumers at Segabits did some investigating of the layout within the first stage of the “Sonic Simulator”–and it mimicks that of the first Green Hill stage from the 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog.  Says Segabits staffer Barry the Nomad:

Zone 1, Act 1 of the green colored stage closely resembles zone 1, act 1 of Green Hill Zone!

It’s not a perfect match, but a visual comparison of the two stages–which you can see at the link cited above–shows that the stage in Colors retains a significant chunk of the GHZ layout.

It’s not yet clear to what extent this will hold for the other stages in the Sonic Simulator.  The purely multiplayer stages looked to be unique and separate, taking advantage of wisp powers.  We’ll bring you more information as it comes in.