IGN Rates Sonic Adventure Re-Release a 3.5

IGN Rates Sonic Adventure Re-Release a 3.5

by September 14, 2010

“So fundamentally flawed that it borders on unplayable”

It’s time for more IGNorance.

Arguably one of the stronger titles of the 3D Sonic era, the re-release of Sonic Adventure for the XBOX360 has been rated a 3.5 out of 10 by media megasite IGN.  In contrast, the original Dreamcast release averaged a more than 86 percent rating from more than 20 sources, according to GameRankings.com.  The DX release to GameCube and PC–on which some fans believe this release is based–averaged a nearly 64 and 62 percent average, respectively.  The score is also worse than the 3.9 IGN gave to Sonic and the Black Knight, the 4.5 it gave to the HD version of  Sonic Unleashed, and the 4.8 given to the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog.

Why so bad?  Aside from gripes about the camera and controls, writer Arthur Giles compares this $10 release to the original:

While it’s difficult to comment on whether the game feels more broken in downloadable arcade form than it did for its US release on the Dreamcast, there is an unmistakeably rushed and shoddy air to the presentation of the port. It’s as barebones as can be, with hideous menus, no widescreen support, and an options menu that forgets your camera settings once you exit the game. Performance is good, at least, as I can’t remember any point where the game dropped below 60FPS.

Sonic Adventure, in hindsight, feels like a game thrown together in a panic, held together by spectacle and the fervent wishes of SEGA fans for a proper return to form for Sonic and SEGA. Unfortunately, spectacle has a short half life, and Sonic Adventure’s basic design and gameplay fall apart under scrutiny. Playing Sonic Adventure for the first time in 11 years, after returning to the franchise a few times over the last decade, I’ve realized that the great tragedy about Sonic games isn’t that they’ve gotten worse over two console generations — they just haven’t gotten appreciably better.

A few of the comments to the article criticize Giles for treating a re-release as new, and we expect no less as you respond in our comments section.  Do you think IGN treated Sonic too harsh again?  Tell us.  Thanks to Brad and ThE InFoRmEr for sending this in.