Webber Clarifies Iizuka’s Sonic 4 Delay Comments

Webber Clarifies Iizuka’s Sonic 4 Delay Comments

by September 16, 2010

Rationale Still Not What We Were Told, Though

“(Takashi) Iizuka didn’t actually state anything close to the iPhone being the reason for the delay,” said Sega of America community manager Aaron Webber yesterday, as part of a larger criticism on media coverage toward the Sonic Team director’s remarks from a London Q&A published earlier in the week.

Webber is referring to Iizuka’s preference to have seen similar copies of Sonic 4 across all developed platforms.  After seeing the complete execution was not “the way the team imagined,” in Iizuka’s words, the iPhone version was kept closest to the game’s original animation.  Console versions received changes, such as the revision to Lost Labyrinth Act 2.

It’s how much of the media interpreted Iizuka’s statements as a claim iPhone development is the sole reason for the delay that gave Webber cause to clarify.

“Anyone claiming ‘It was the iPhone!‘ either didn’t actually read the article or simply believed it because they’d like to jump on the negativity bandwagon,” Webber continued.  He then explained in more detail the actual changes have taken up most of the time enabled through the delay, and cited the addition of a Classic mode, allowing linear progression as opposed to the use of a World Map navigation system–also believed to be among the changes:

The two new levels were the big focus of the delay, and they were both built from the ground up – something that does take time, no matter how fast some might claim that they can make fan levels using sprites and code from over a decade ago. It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time to build, test, and then get final approvals for behind the scenes.

There were other changes in there too though, like making Sonic’s blurry running animation show up faster to better mimic the genesis games, updating his sprite, adding the new blur effects, balancing level difficulty, adding a new music track, adding a new Classic-style mode where you can play levels back-to-back in order, and more.

We’re doing the best we can to improve upon and enhance as much as possible so that everyone can enjoy the game. People love taking anything and everything out of context, but at least with that Iizuka-san comment, I do want to set the record straight here.

Unfortunately, Webber’s explanation and clarification still doesn’t match what we have on the record from a top member of Sega of America regarding the reason for Sonic 4‘s delay.  In fact, what we know is closer in line with Iizuka’s original remarks than Webber’s clarification.  So what is it?  You’ll have to keep reading TSSZ News to find out, as we will tell you later this week.  Thanks to luke4496 for sending this in via our News Tips system.