Sonic Colors New Information Wrap-Up

Sonic Colors New Information Wrap-Up

by September 20, 2010

Explaining the Blue Wisp, Bottomless Pits, and Other Ways to Die

The European division, and more specifically Kevin Eva, deserves credit today and in the recent past for being more direct in reveals related to Sonic Colors.  More relevant information was released via the Blognik, in parts and increments.  This article serves to summarize the most important material.

First, another batch of seven game-related tidbits were disclosed.  Eva touched on two of several ways to die, including bottomless pits, which became a point of debate on this site recently.  Among the three most important points, Eva explained how that will work and what happens if you run out of gas while drilling:

If you run out of Wisp power when underground in Drill mode you WILL die.

Pits of death DO exist, however when you approach a section where this isn’t immediately obvious a hazard warning triangle will appear at the bottom of your screen so you do get some warning.

Destroying all enemies in a built up area using a Wisp power or dash will get you a “SLAM” bonus.

Second on the docket today was the formal unveiling of the Blue Wisp.  We have high resolution artwork of the Wisp below, but according to the Blognik, it will serve as another way to open up new routes:

When Sonic absorbs Blue Wisp, a cubic Wisp with three eyes, he can exercise the mysterious “Blue Cube” Colour Power. This mysterious power switches blue blocks and blue rings, meaning routes that were once inaccessible can now be explored. In addition, when using the Blue Cube Colour Power and landing on a ground, nearby enemies can be destroyed.

The artwork is below.  Remember, too, that we have a lot of screenshots that poured in this morning for you to review as well.