Iizuka Says Sonic Colors “One of the Best Sonic Games Ever”

Iizuka Says Sonic Colors “One of the Best Sonic Games Ever”

by September 22, 2010

Now Boarding: The Hype Train

Just when one thinks we can get away without a ton of hyperbole and official high hopes for a Sonic title, Sonic Team director Takashi Iizuka has come out swinging in recent weeks.

First was Iizuka’s claim earlier in the month that Colors will be “as good as or even better than the 2D Sonic games”–not adding any promise to already shaky feelings about Sonic 4: Episode I.  Today via the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine web portal, Iizuka went further, saying he’s confident it is one of the best Sonic titles ever produced, period, and directly compared it to what many feel is the gold standard of 3D Sonic to date: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.  Here’s what Iizuka said as cited by the ONM article:

This is a similar title to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but the similarity comes from the concept – keeping the tempo very fluid.  A similar concept applies here. Is it the best since then? We always strive to make the best Sonic game yet. It’s at least on a par with Sonic Adventure Battle 2 [sic], and I’m confident it is one of the best Sonic games ever.

In what context he said that–whether it was on his own or in direct response to a question–is not yet known.  While Sonic Colors holds a lot of hope for all fans, elevating expectations to this level hasn’t been wise in the past, and may hold similar results this go even if Colors is an improvement over recent 3D Sonic fare.  Do you think the rhetoric needs to be toned down or is it appropriate?  Tell us below in our discussion area.