Sega Spain Rep Confirms Sonic Anniversary, 3rd Mario and Sonic for 2011

Sega Spain Rep Confirms Sonic Anniversary, 3rd Mario and Sonic for 2011

by October 9, 2010

Details Coming from Sonic Paradise, Scarce

This just breaking within the hour–the Spanish website Sonic Paradise has confirmed with a Sega representative from the Spain division that Sonic Anniversary and a third entry in the Mario and Sonic series are on deck for 2011.

We do not have a ton of details yet; they are pending from Sonic Paradise, cited above.  What we do know right now is that Sonic Anniversary is not a compilation.  That would contradict earlier sentiments that it is, stemming from a leaked document detailing conversations between Sony and Sega last September. We have learned this could be PS3 exclusive–which would put it in line with those document leak details–but that too could change, and for that reason it’s advised not to label this the true 20th anniversary game just yet.

Right now, the smart thinking is that the third M&S title will most likely be related to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and if that holds, it will be a continuation of the Olympics series, instead of something more unique, like a platformer.

We are awaiting more details from Sonic Paradise and we will relay those here when they are made available–and again, for our Spanish speaking readers you can follow along in your language at Sonic Paradise.  Stay with TSSZ News for more on this developing story–and be assured, we will ask related questions at the Sega booth tomorrow as New York Comic Con 2010 ends.