Out Now for DSiWare: Ivy the Kiwi? Mini

Out Now for DSiWare: Ivy the Kiwi? Mini

by October 12, 2010

Half the Levels, Available for Direct Download

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is by far the marquee title in the roster of Nintendo downloads this week, but if you blink, you may miss another well regarded game–Ivy the Kiwi?

Its full version seeing release several weeks ago, the lite edition with half the levels is now available for DSiWare.  That’s 50 of the 100 levels from the game’s big brother.  It’s a nice appetizer for the main course, in case you’ve been on the fence for purchasing the DS version, even at its budget price.

Ivy the Kiwi? Mini is available for 500 DSi points, or $5.