Sonic Relief Announces “Age of Steam” Fanfic Project

Sonic Relief Announces “Age of Steam” Fanfic Project

by October 25, 2010

Your Badnik Ideas are Needed

For the most part, fan fiction in the Sonic community gets a bad rap.  Perhaps with the intent to change that, the 2011 Sonic Relief campaign this weekend announced a campaign utilizing the medium meant to drive in donations, and your creative ideas.

It’s called Sonic: The Age of Steam, and charity drive head Doctor MK assures “it’s not going to be THAT kind of fan-fic.”

“Instead, it’s all about Sonic waking up in a steampunk-esque world and, in true Sherlock Holmes style, he must get to the bottom of the mystery of why he is there,” he explains.  “In The Age of Steam, a certain Ivo Robotnik is leading an industrial revolution thanks to his mechanical contraptions – many of which are steampunk versions of classic badniks.”

That’s where your input is needed–MK needs ideas for badniks.  Your drawings and submissions will not only strengthen the piece, but a certain, undetermined amount of money will go to the campaign for each submitted work.

Entries can be submitted via E-Mail, DeviantArt, or the Sonic Relief topic at the Sonic Stadium message board.   You can read more details at the Sonic Relief blog.