Music Video: DeStorm Power Offers Some “Sonic Love”

Music Video: DeStorm Power Offers Some “Sonic Love”

by October 27, 2010

You’ve Never Heard Green Hill Like This

It has a pretty hot R&B beat.  It has the perfect storytelling elements of a long lost love.  And Sonic 1’s Green Hill Zone ties it all together.

Internet music celebrity DeStorm Power, adored by tens of thousands of fans, is apparently a Sonic fan, and he’s made it known through the release of a short single and music video dubbed Sonic Love.  The video, which is below, has already been seen by more than 66,000 people on YouTube–and the release isn’t even 48 hours old as of this article’s publication.

Though DeStorm’s big on old school, the piece itself has little to do with Sonic or video games in general, and more relevant toward the one who got away.  It’s not all that long, and if you prefer pure audio, you can follow this link to a download area.  All in all, the remix and vocals are well worth a couple minutes of your time.