Destructoid Sonic Colors Reviewer Receives Sega Surprise

Destructoid Sonic Colors Reviewer Receives Sega Surprise

by November 19, 2010

Who’s the Troll Now?

Apparently, this is now what happens when you trash Sonic games.

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling, who offered a 4.5 out of 10 review for the Wii edition of Sonic Colors last week, got a surprise from Sega of America today.  You’re looking at it above.

It’s one of the gigantic promotional banners the company had to promote the game, and it looks like it’s one of the same banners used at the Bryant Park event.  Sterling had to unravel the parcel–a couple dozen feet in height–outside his home, and according to his post on the prank today, he’s already planning payback:

For a sense of scale, I’m 6’2″, and yet if I laid down next to this image, I would only just about be tall enough to lick Sonic’s little furry balls. You ever been to a convention and seen those giant canvas banners hanging from the wall? Yeah … now I have one in my rain-soaked back garden.For the record, I have a very short list of suspects who would have orchestrated this, and as soon as I work out what the Hell I’m going to DO with this thing, I will start working out how to get you f*ckers back.

Still, at least Sega has a better sense of humor about reviews than most Sonic fans.

You can see more at the link cited above.  We assume the winner of the banner during Sega’s Free Stuff Friday–which hasn’t yet been determined as of this article’s publication–will have a similar conundrum.

This in mind, you can look forward to our negative eight billion out of five star reviews for both editions of Sonic Colors shortly, starting with my take on the Wii edition early next week.