On a Wednesday, Happy Sonic 2sday

On a Wednesday, Happy Sonic 2sday

by November 24, 2010

18 Years of Being Up 2 It

Last year, it fell on the appropriate day.  There’s no such luck this year, but the celebration’s all the same: November 24th marks release day for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in North America and Europe.  Japanese gamers saw release three days earlier on November 21, 1992.

Sonic 2 introduced Miles “Tails” Prower into the fold of friends, as well as Sonic’s spindash attack.  The game also marked the first appearance of Dr. Robotnik’s Death Egg, and of Super Sonic.  Sonic 2 was the best selling title on the Genesis / Mega Drive system, and remains held in high regard by many Sonic fans as the gold standard for the blue hedgehog’s 2D platforming.

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