Ken Penders Responds to Archie Lawsuit

Ken Penders Responds to Archie Lawsuit

by December 2, 2010

Alludes to Possible “Details Splashed all over the Internet”

Apparently unaware that most lawsuits become public record once filed, Ken Penders made brief remarks on his Internet forum yesterday–his first since yesterday’s news of Archie Comics filing a complaint in federal court against him.

Penders was surprised to learn of the suit’s uncovering, despite common knowledge that court records are public, and even though initial details were sparse.  Still, the news affirms his belief that Archie still watches what he does, and alludes to the prospect of unsavory details coming out in the process:

And people were probably smiling and laughing when I claimed the people working for Archie Comics were monitoring this board. Still, I’m extremely curious how you found out about this. It’ll be interesting to see if the owners of Archie really want to see the details splashed all over the internet.

Penders did not disclose whether he would file a counterclaim.  However, he or his attorney must respond to the suit within a certain period of time, or there is a risk judgment will default in favor of Archie Comics.

Stay with TSSZ News for more on this as the case evolves.  Again, we are trying to obtain the actual complaint filed by Archie Comics, and should we get a hold of it, we’ll relay it and offer analysis of what the company wants exactly.