The New Way to Circumvent Sonic 4 Records: Pause Abuse

The New Way to Circumvent Sonic 4 Records: Pause Abuse

by December 8, 2010

An Unpreventable, Legal Move

In case the recent hacking and wipeout of the Sonic 4 leaderboards on XBOX360 didn’t infuriate you, there’s now a new, very legal, and very doable move some players are performing to get to the top.

It’s called pause abuse, and you can see it in action in the video below, made available on YouTube in October.   It’s the act of constantly pausing in-game as a way to precisely control yourself, usually while in mid-air or on the ground.  It may seem cumbersome, but for some the hundredths of sections it can shave off in some of the game’s zones add up quickly.  In the example below, Splash Hill Zone Act 2 can be played in an under 32 second time attack.

Pause Abuse has occurred in other games, and is generally frowned upon.  A couple games have even taken steps to prevent such a measure by requiring a player to be in active moment before hitting that Start button.  But it’s something anyone can do, without any less than upstanding methods necessary.  Nevertheless, it requires nothing but the most accurate timing, and in more competitive circles is a requirement.

Watch how it works below and ask yourself: Is this as bad as outright leaderboard hacking?  Or does the fact that anyone can do it make it more a strategic advantage than anything else?  Sound off in the comments section.