UPDATE: Crush 40 Website, JunSenoue.com Hacked

UPDATE: Crush 40 Website, JunSenoue.com Hacked

by January 3, 2011

Single Organization Appears Responsible for Malicious Attack

Two central points for both Jun Senoue’s Crush 40 band and their fans are without virtual homes at this writing, both the victims of Internet hacking.

It’s unclear when the attacks exactly took place, but news tipster Kadeb noticed the problem over the weekend.  Both the official Crush 40 website, Crush40.Net, as well as a side website for Jun Senoue, also official, were forced offline.  The former was replaced with a splash page which included phrases such as “Everything Good Has an End.”  The latter now points to a forum believed to be run by a group called the Sharp Hackers Team, a seven strong team.  User Hcrack2 claimed direct responsibility for the Crush40.net compromise.  It is not immediately clear whether he or others were directly involved in the attack on JunSenoue.com.

UPDATE: Tipster Tom Cole tells us a temporary splash page with just text has returned on JunSenoue.com, with the Crush 40 website still impacted.  We’ve also learned that while the front page of the former has been knocked out, its forums have not.  It’s there where we’ve learned this has been a constant back and forth between hackers and the sites’ webmasters since last week, with multiple attacks endured.  As soon as one problem is fixed, attacks resume, with the vicious cycle underway for several days now.

Because of Senoue and Crush 40’s closer involvement with Sega projects, it is possible though not likely the company could take action on their behalf.  Still, because they are run independently, it’s unlikely that will occur.  Both websites remain offline as of this writing.  We will let you know if that status changes.  Thanks to Kadeb for keeping us informed via a tip.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us by clicking News Tips at the top of every page.