Sonic Colors Crosses A Million Estimated Sold

Sonic Colors Crosses A Million Estimated Sold

by January 3, 2011

Sizeable NA Increase Pre-XMas Catalyst for Milestone

In part due to huge pre-Christmas movements in North America, the combined Wii and DS sales worldwide for Sonic Colors crossed the million mark before 2010 ended, according to figures released by

The numbers, which are unofficial, show a more than 40 percent increase in Wii unit sales and more than 30 percent on the DS for the week of Christmas domestically.  On the Wii, an estimated 72,918 units sold for the week, while 83,955 DS copies sold in the same period.  Combined, that’s more than 150,000 copies in the territories alone, and if it holds, that was enough to push Colors over the top.

Both editions of the game have sold over half a million worldwide, with the Wii port ahead of the pack by a hair over 50,000.