Sonic Free Riders Wins ScrewAttack SAGY

Sonic Free Riders Wins ScrewAttack SAGY

by January 5, 2011

The Worst 360 Game of 2010, Says Website’s Readers

The votes have been tallied, and today website declared Sonic Free Riders among the worst of the worst on XBOX 360 last year, granting it the dubious honor of a SAGY award.  That’s Shitty-Ass Game Award, for those unaware.

In making the announcement, SA conceded Sonic made a bit of a comeback last year, but SFR should in no way be considered a part of that success.  Much of the reasoning behind the dishonor appears to lie in the overexertion necessary by some to control characters in-game via the Kinect exclusive.

Before the complaints roll in, this appears to be the first time anything in the Sonic series will escape with just one SAGY, whereas multiple awards were awarded in previous years.  Thanks to Bluehedgehog25 for sending this in.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us by clicking News Tips at the top of every page.