Video: Sonic Axiom Final Trailer

Video: Sonic Axiom Final Trailer

by January 10, 2011

“Close to Finished,” Says Creator

Several months since we last heard of it at the 2010 Sonic Amateur Games Expo, Sonic Axiom was briefly thrust back into the spotlight in the final days of last year, when producer vexer posted what he calls the final trailer for the Sonic CD like fan project.

“I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I have done a lot of work on my game and It’s actually getting close to finished,” he stated on Sonic Fan Games HQ.

The nearly four minute trailer shows off an array of action stages, a peek at a boss fight with Metal Sonic, and a bonus stage.  Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are all playable.

Other than the announcement that it’s close to completion, there was no indication when Axiom would be released.  So, take a look at the video below and whet your appetite while we watch and wait for more. If 2011 isn’t the year of the hedgehog, it may be the year of his fan games.