RUMOR: Arcade Sonic Racer On the Way?

RUMOR: Arcade Sonic Racer On the Way?

by January 11, 2011

An ASR Port for Sonic’s 20th, Claims Source

The generally Sega focused news source Segabits is relaying a report from Arcade Heroes which cites the potential for Sonic to return to the arcades with perhaps a port of Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing.

The original article cites a newsletter known as the Stinger Report, a credible, independent E-newsletter with a heavy focus on the arcade business.  They are reporting a likely port of ASR to arcades in some form, with the possibility of an eight cabinet link-up, a la Daytona USA and the like.  There’s no word on if there would be improvements or additions made to the core game, other than a note in Segabits’s piece that claims the title will be Sonic Racing All-Stars Arcade.  If it holds, this may be more a rehash than the Nintendo and Namco co-oped  Mario Kart Arcade GP series, which compared to the core Mario Kart series is like apples and oranges.

Everyone down this the chain of communication is treating the above as rumor, and so are we until we hear more.  Should this be one of the three announcements slated for the year, it certainly puts a wrench in a lot of fans’ thinking as to what’s ahead for 2011.  We’ll stay on top of it for you, and as always if you can help verify this information, please send a news tip.