Jazwares Releases Statement on Sonic Toy Quality

Jazwares Releases Statement on Sonic Toy Quality

by January 12, 2011

Internal Investigation Concluded, Plastic is the Problem

Jazwares, which holds a Sonic toy manufacturing license, released a statement this afternoon concerning the defective nature of some of those Sonic figurines.  It has been a long standing problem, a problem we first told you about last year, when incorrect body parts were being attached to some Werehog figurines.  Though no widespread recall has been issued, the problem has fermented since, and until today, there was no clear solution.

“Our conclusion is that (the problem) is attributed to soft plastic used to manufacture the goods,” reads the statement in part.

For that reason, Jazwares has changed the factory which manufactures the goods, and they will be using a harder plastic material to ensure quality standards are met.  Those still having problems with defective Sonic toys are encouraged to contact Jazwares customer service.

Jazwares’s full statement is below.

It has come to our attention that some of our Sonic toys may have shipped that were not up to Jazwares standards. As a company, we take this very seriously and have conducted an internal investigation. Our conclusion is that it is attributed to soft plastic used to manufacture the goods.

We are constantly trying to improve our toys; as such, one of the decisions made in the past was to improve construction by making our figures with a softer plastic. Apparently, our factory made some limited items using a plastic that is too soft. In effect, it caused some discrepancies with our Sonic toys.

This issue is of utmost importance to us. We have since corrected this matter by changing the density of the plastic. Additionally, to ensure this never happens again, we went ahead and replaced the factory producing our figures. This was not an easy task, however we feel our customers and friends deserve only the best from us.

We are sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience. Please rest assured if you have any issues our customer service representatives are here to help you. Please contact them with any concerns and they will make sure all of your issues are resolved.