UPDATE: Sega Confirms Dreamcast Collection Release Next Month

UPDATE: Sega Confirms Dreamcast Collection Release Next Month

by January 14, 2011

With Titles Already Available on XBOX Live

Sega’s going to try a different kind of re-release next month, bringing two Dreamcast era titles already on XBOX Live to retail, plus two more.

It is the Dreamcast Collection, and it affirms something formally discussed in December.  In addition to Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, and Space Channel 5 Part 2, another Dreamcast classic Sega Bass Fishing will join the fold.  This will be the second Sonic title released in 2011, and also the second re-released Sonic title for 2011.

The collection will be available for XBOX 360 via retail, as well as for the PC–both with online leaderboards in tow.  UPDATE: Via a news tip, Dreamcast360 tells us this will be a PC download only title–so get that Steam platform ready!

The worldwide rollout for Dreamcast collection will be the week of February 20th, first in North America on the 22nd, then the 24th in Australia, wrapped up with a February 25th release in Europe and New Zealand.

For the complete presser, visit Segabits, who picked up the confirmation first.