Lebron Sonic Fan Film Concept Art Revealed at MAGfest

Lebron Sonic Fan Film Concept Art Revealed at MAGfest

by January 18, 2011

Saturday’s Panel was More than Just a Trailer

It was, so says our correspondent Ak who went to MAGfest for us, a packed house during Saturday’s panel for Eddie Lebron’s Sonic Fan Film.

“Packed” is, of course, relative, with numbers in the dozens filling a small room to see the first trailer screening and more.  That “more” was an array of concept art on a loop before the big reveal.  That’s where Ak came in: he snapped nearly all of them in rotation, and thanks to his efforts, we have them for you below.

The quality isn’t perfect–they were taken with an old iPhone–but you’ll get the idea.  You’ll see early CG model renders for Sonic and some supporting characters, including Moto Bug and E-102 Gamma.  In addition to the 3D, there are plenty of 2D sketches, including some scene drafts.  Make no mistake, at least when it comes to character development, Lebron is attempting as much detail as possible.

Take a look in the gallery below.  That’s not all our correspondent gathered from MAGfest; we also have a lengthy but partial audio transcript from the panel.  We’re going to clean up the audio a bit and bring it to you later this week.