New Video: Cleaner Lebron Sonic Fan Film Trailer from MAGfest

New Video: Cleaner Lebron Sonic Fan Film Trailer from MAGfest

by January 18, 2011

And a Lengthy Interview with the Core Team

Earlier today, a video surfaced from this weekend’s MAGfest showing the first trailer of Eddie Lebron’s Sonic fan film.  It was recorded off camera, and since then a slightly better version has surfaced.

It comes courtesy of website, and following the trailer is a more than 20 minute interview with film director and writer Eddie Lebron and two unnamed co-ops.  Lebron talks about his history in fan film making, and how he wishes to raise the bar from his Mega Man project.  In it, the trio reveal portions of the film will be shot in the U.S. Virgin Islands, making for a truly tropical environment, and word that human freedom fighters will be in the mix, with plot elements now borrowed from the SatAM television series to accommodate.  Also within is Lebron’s personal concession he will not able to please everybody, working in a lengthy reference to the recent green eye debate among the more purist area of fandom.

Take a look and listen, with emphasis on the latter, in the video below.  We sent a correspondent to MAGfest as well, and he grabbed a fair bit of concept art which we’ll share shortly.  Thanks to Holy Shrimp for sending this in.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us by clicking News Tips at the top of every page.