Close to Completion, New Sonic Classic Screenshots Released

Close to Completion, New Sonic Classic Screenshots Released

by January 19, 2011

In the Final Stretch, Your Opinion Still Matters

On Sunday, Sonic Classic producer Hez teased members of Sonic Retro’s forums with a new batch of screenshots from the game, and word a final release, orignally planned for last Summer, may now not be far off.  But after a round of beta testing, there are still some changes to be made.

“My question is, are there any features you’d love to see? Any features I should veto? Please, I really do want your input,” Hez said upon the update.

He’s talking about anything from adding new features and challenges, to trimming some more stages.  As of now, three stand to not make the cut, including Rocky Route, Mystic Mines, and Bridge Zone.  Another stage, Aqua Arena, is also being considered for the chopping block.  All could come back with more material as part of an append.

To complement the update and inquiry, Hez released several in-game screenshots from the Sonic fan game, and they are in our gallery below.