RUMOR: ASR Coming to Nintendo 3DS?

RUMOR: ASR Coming to Nintendo 3DS?

by January 21, 2011

Does Open Sumo Digital Artist Position in India Offer Clue?

An open job listing for a Sumo Digital artist in India has led many to wonder if both they and Sega plan to bring a version of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing to Nintendo’s new handheld, the 3DS.

The rumor originates from NeoGAF, where forumers found a job listing under Sumo Digital out of India, of all places.  It’s not the Senior Artist position itself that’s noteworthy, but some of the codes underneath it; job assignments, according to the job listing, that include things like ARS2, SSR 3DS, and Crispins.

Wait–what was that middle one?

Though many of us know ASR as…well, ASR, SSR was another acronym used during the game’s development.  That 3DS follows the letters would indicate Sumo and Sega have some racing cooked up for the portable device.  Then again, it could be code for something else, especially since we can’t figure out what Crispins or ARS2 means yet.  Can you?

Is this the 3DS Sonic game we heard very little about at E3 last year?  No one knows, and we’ll treat the story as rumor until we hear otherwise.  Given how job postings are being listed now, it may be a while until we hear an update.  If nothing else, now would be a good time for Steve Lycett to come out of the woodwork; then again, the last time he debunked a rumor…well