Jamming to the German Shenmue Rap

Jamming to the German Shenmue Rap

by January 24, 2011

And Hoping the Artist Isn’t Sued for Sampling Shenhua

Germany is known for a lot of things, like Bratwurst, and certain World Wars.  The country is not considered the center of the hip hop universe, and certainly not known for its video game tunes.

But when you fuse those musical tastes together with a little Sega flair, you get what’s below.  Flying under the radar until now when German website Sega Portal noticed well known German artist Bass Sultan Hengzt sampled a fair bit of the Shenhua theme from Shenmue‘s orchestral album for a piece called Morgen wird ein besserer Tag, or Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day in English.  It’s part of an album that’s been out for over three years now, The Butterfly Effect.

The beat’s pretty hot, but with so much sampling of the chorus going on, were any royalties paid to Sega for the privilege?  Sampling has been a very touchy subject in all of the music industry.  A lot of artists do it, and a few have been called out and even sued for it.  We’re not totally sure what the rule of law is in Germany, so we ask that you enjoy this while you still can.  Then again, the way Sega’s been acting of late, Hengzt may get cake and an invitation to Sega’s local offices.

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