Key Sonic Fan Remix Programmer Quits

Key Sonic Fan Remix Programmer Quits

by January 24, 2011

UPDATE: Engine Switch from Unity Underway, Says 3rd Party

A fair bit of the heart and soul that so many loved from the first demo of 2.5D fan game Sonic Fan Remix may have been lost yesterday when one of its principal developers called it quits on the programming side of the project.

“My computer can’t run Unity 3; I grew extremely weary with Unity; and I feel a great need to work on my own projects that I’d been letting languish,” said Mercury on Sonic Retro’s forum without much fanfare or notice yesterday.  “IOW [In Other Words], I’m not SFR’s programmer anymore.”

Because of that change, the remaining member, Pelikan13, may have to seek other options to continue on with the SFG’s development.

“Pelikan may have to go with the Egg Engine, but nothing’s settled yet.” Mercury said.

For reference, the Egg Engine is similar in design to the current Unity based setup; it in theory can replicate 2.5D environments.  But ever since an early copy of the engine was revealed in August, little has been heard from its creator, Damizean.

No public comment has been given by the other half of SFR, Pelikan13, since Mercury‘s announcement.  UPDATE: But Christian Whitehead, involved in the now dormant Sonic Nexus and not directly involved in the project, did earlier this evening:

I won’t go into detail since SFR isn’t my project, but since I’m friends with Damizean and to quell people’s fears: Dami started converting SFR to the Egg Engine (which also uses Unity) a while ago. So as far as I know all is ok, they’re busy guys (who isn’t?) but it’s being worked on still.

In no way do we want to believe a project as promising and as widely publicized as Sonic Fan Remix is on its last legs.  But, as learned last year, these are the types of departures that, if they don’t seriously inhibit or kill the project outright, they force them to go into hiding for a prolonged period.  We’ll let you know what happens in this case.