Sonic Relief 2011 Underway

Sonic Relief 2011 Underway

by January 27, 2011

“Let’s make this the Sonic fundraiser to end all Sonic fundraisers!”

Thursday at midnight UK time, the annual Sonic Relief fundraiser officially opened for public festivities.

Fund drive chair Richard Swain, known as Doctor MK, released a full slate of what you can do for raise awareness, as well as a means to directly donate–both until March 18th:

Entry Submissions
Show off your creative talents in aid of a good cause! Simply create your own piece of humorous Sonic fan art/music/video/etc (the possibilities are endless!) and every one we receive will go towards raising money.

You can either post your entries in this designated topic on SSMB or alternatively e-mail your entries to – the best entries will be in with a chance of winning some goodies! (prizes yet to be revealed)

The theme for entries this year returns to “something funny”, but we’d love to see some entries that incorporate our new Blue Noses to help promote the campaign. So once you’ve made your masterpiece and entered, share it with the world and help to spread the Sonic Relief love across the interweb!

A different kind of entry we will also accept this year comes under the heading of ‘Sonic Relief DIY’, for which we want to see you going out into the big wide world and doing your own spot of Sonic fundraising! Have a sponsored day in blue, participate in a fun run dressed as our favourite ‘hog, make a calendar with your friends, literally anything you can think of – and then pass the proceeds onto us! Simples! Details (preferably with some photographic evidence) of your efforts should be posted in this here topic and the money raised donated via our JustGiving page.


Donations are not compulsory alongside entries this year, however they are obviously encouraged if you have money to give.

Want to do your bit to help but don’t necessarily fancy having to make an entry, or want to accompany your entry with a donation? Then we’ve got you covered! Simply head on over to and you can pledge as much as you want to our cause – and all the money goes straight to the charity! You’ll need a credit/debit card to use JustGiving, but it’s simple and safe!


In addition, the theme for Sonic Relief this year is Blue Noses.  It’s an awareness campaign, meant for your various forum signatures and avatars.  We’ve put a blue nose on the top of every page smack dab in the middle of Sonic’s grinding self, and you can take part in the festivities by downloading the various size noses in the gallery below.

But that’s not all.  There’s also an related, ongoing fan fiction project, The Age of Steam, which is presently in its second chapter.  An original album and sequel, Songs for Sonic 2, is in the works by RadioSEGA’s Gavin Storey.  That merely scratches the surfaces of currents festivities.

Swain’s goal for Sonic Relief 2011 is to raise over £500, or nearly $800 in US dollars.  Given that a Holiday fundraiser gathered over $2500 for Child’s Play in under week, this should be a piece of cake.  So get involved, get nose-y, and get crackin’.  Your donation helps Comic Relief, which helps the impoverished around the world.