Kuta Sonic Fan Film Seeking Sound Artist

Kuta Sonic Fan Film Seeking Sound Artist

by January 31, 2011

More Details for Those Interested, and An Animatic Reminder

Richard Kuta, who is developing a Sonic fan film of his own, E-mailed TSSZ News this weekend to let us know he’s looking for someone with good ears and good talent to assist in the project.

“I’m seeking someone that’s well versed in sound, music composer, and sound FX,” Kuta said.  “Someone that’s able to breathe life into a project and provide a certain atmosphere on a grandiose level.  Of course, I am seeking professionals or Sonic fans that have experience in this particular field.  To set the stage, the scene involves urgency, action, and suspense and the music accompaniment should reflect that tone as well as the ominous usage of familiar Sonic music from the games.”

Kuta cited Sonic 3 & Knuckles‘s Doomsday Zone boss music as an example of the direction he’d like to hear.  If you can help with that, you can E-Mail him a sample of your work.

In the meantime, Kuta shared with the long animatic that has been previously featured on this site before. It shows off two scenes, Internal Sabotage and The Advent of Metal, and the reminder is warranted on account the latter is what’s being animated now. Check it out below.