Richard Kuta’s Sonic Fan Film leaked

Richard Kuta’s Sonic Fan Film leaked

by January 31, 2011

66mb of storyboards, scripts, and concept art

If you’ve been following TSSZ News over the last few months, you’ll notice that we’ve been covering Richard Kuta’s Sonic the Hedgehog fan film through its development. The film as seen a number of setbacks since its conception in 2005/2006, but has soldiered on through the hardships. The latest stroke of bad luck for the project comes this morning, with a significant portion of the fan film’s resources getting leaked via an anonymous post on 4chan’s /v/ imageboard. The 66mb zip file contains everything from environment concept art, character sheets, soundtrack descriptions, storyboards, and even an outline detailing a potential trilogy. The text script itself is 136 pages in length, and going by the header, was registered with the Writer’s Guild of America, possibly giving Kuta full copyright ownership for what is contained within (and serves as the primary reason we are not linking to the zip file in this story).

The script opens in earth’s near future with one Dr. Kintobor holding a press conference in Station Square, revealing he has solved the earth’s fuel crisis with the discovery of seven emeralds that radiate a mysterious new form of energy. A sequence events leads to the emeralds causing a catastrophe that ends not only in the destruction of Station Square, but the entire planet earth. Escaping in to space, Dr. Kintobor becomes the last apparent surviving member of the human race. He enters cryogenic stasis, vowing to one day return to the surface of the planet and unlock the secrets of the Chaos Emeralds. One thousand years later, he returns to find the planet is now dominated by humanoid animals. With a natural born hatred of rodents, Dr. Kintobor becomes enraged and insane, and begins using his advanced intelligence to re-acquire the Chaos Emeralds and exterminate/enslave the anthropomorphic populace under his new title of “Dr. Robotnik”. The rest of the film’s script centers around the Freedom Fighters mounting a rescue operation to free Bunnie Rabbot from Robotnik’s clutches, as he launches a plan to eliminate Sonic once and for all with the help of his newest invention: Metal Sonic.

Though the film deals with characters from Sonic the Hedgehog (both the games and the Saturday Morning Cartoon series), the script definitely has a darker, somewhat mature edge. There’s one scene early on in the script that is particularly shocking, where Kintobor’s fellow scientist Nate Morgan is literally impaled to death by an uncontrollable rat that has been supercharged with the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Though Bunnie is rescued and Robotnik is defeated, the film ends on a cliffhanger, setting up for a sequel – and going by the much more compact “Trilogy Outline”, the movies would follow Robotnik’s encounters with Knuckles and The Chaotix on Angel Island and his further attempts to conquer the world. Robotnik eventually discovers the cataclysmic event at Station Square was foretold by the Mayans, with the planet’s new anthropomorphic inhabitants destined to redeem mankind’s sins against mother nature. From there the plot gravitates towards an all-out war between the Freedom Fighters and Robotnik’s minions (with cameos from characters like Shadow the Hedgehog) over control of the Master Emerald.

It’s probably worth mentioning that almost all of the files contained within this archive are from 2009 or older – meaning there’s no telling how much has changed in the two years since their creation (if any change has occurred at all). However, all of the folders containing the leaked files were created on September 1st, 2010 – barely even six months ago. There’s also evidence that this may not even be a complete archive, as seen by the “Voices” folder, containing numerous sub-folders obviously designed to house files related to voice acting. These sub-folders are organized by character name, and though some of them appear to have seen some use at one point in time, as far as this archive contains, they’re all empty.

Though we most likely cannot link to the actual archive itself (due to it containing the film’s script, which as we mentioned earlier seems to be registered with the Writer’s Guild of America and is therefore protected by copyright law), we’re in the clear to share with you some choice cuts of concept art contained within, which we’ve mirrored below.

It may also be worth mentioning that fan works are not subject to our “Sensitive Material” Policy.