Video: The Complete Lebron Sonic Fan Film Panel

Video: The Complete Lebron Sonic Fan Film Panel

by January 31, 2011

The Next Best Thing to Being at MAGfest

You may remember about a week and a half ago when, along with some pictures, we said we had a partial audio recording from Eddie Lebron’s MAGfest panel concerning his Sonic fan film.  Two weeks later, and we’re still having trouble both extracting and cleaning up that audio.  All the cleanup in the world, however, wouldn’t help one glaring problem: It’s only about half the panel.

Enter Youtuber Dukect, who recorded the entire thing on video, and while there’s some shaky-cam, the audio can’t be beat.  You’ll hear Lebron introduce Sonic’s in-film foes, see the trailer itself again, and be part of a feedback/Q&A session.

We want to stress the four part video below is from a third party, and unedited.