“Live in Tokyo” Crush 40 Concert Revealed

“Live in Tokyo” Crush 40 Concert Revealed

by February 4, 2011

April Gig a Sonic Anniversary Tie-In

In addition to today’s teaser reveal of an anniversary portal by Sega’s Wave Master division, Jun Senoue fronted Crush 40 had an announcement: A live concert taking place April 2nd and 3rd at Guilty in Tokyo’s Shibuya section.

Reservations are being taken now for the event via another Wave Master Japanese portal, which also states the concert is part of Sonic 20th Anniversary festivities.  Might we hear the first bits of what will complement the 20th anniversary titles?  It’s too early to tell, but given such a tight tie-in chances are we’ll hear something.  To be sure, we will try and have a presence at the concert, but no guarantees.

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