20th Anniversary Branded Sonic Adventure OST Spotted

20th Anniversary Branded Sonic Adventure OST Spotted

by February 10, 2011

The First Wave of What’s to Come from Wave Master?

Japanese Twitter user ahyuck has spotted what could be the first part of Wave Master’s Sonic 20th Anniversary project.

This Japanese shop is advertising what’s called Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition, out for sale April 20th and available now for pre-order.  There are no other details given other than it may not necessarily be a straight re-release.  You may remember the first SA OST released in 1999 as a two disc set.  A separate vocal mini-album with the game’s image themes, as well as a remix album was also produced.  It’s not clear whether those would be a part of the album.

So, the first cat may be out of the bag as to Wave Master’s plans to commemorate Sonic’s 20th.  Do you know anything more about this?  Send us a news tip.