Sonic: Mecha Madness Early Demo Released

Sonic: Mecha Madness Early Demo Released

by February 15, 2011

Just Like That, Play What You’ve Seen

That didn’t take long: producer Streak Thunderstorm has released to the public a playable build of Sonic the Hedgehog: Mecha Madness, the unique SFG combining platforming, action, and RPG elements.

He did so on Sonic Fan Games HQ early this morning, and did so very quickly after releasing a lengthy video yesterday showing off all the game’s mechanics in unison.  Speaking about the build, Streak Thunderstorm wrote there:

Remember, this is a very early build of the game. There will be many different enemy experiences in the game. I don’t want to resort to locking you in a place just to fight enemies to move on. There will be places where it will be completely necessary to fight enemies to get into different paths. I want to treat this like a Sonic game that isn’t focused on the fighting too much to make it less of a sonic game. Also, your powers aren’t without merit either. You will have to use pretty much all of them to solve puzzles and get things going. The game is more than just an aimless beat-em-up with super powers tacked on. You have control of the elements for a reason and it will be your job to use them to save… everything.

You can download the demo here.