Iizuka on Sonic: “I Want to Live Up to…Consumers’ Expectations”

Iizuka on Sonic: “I Want to Live Up to…Consumers’ Expectations”

by February 17, 2011

Says Returning to 2D Sonic “Difficult From a Business Perspective”

A new, quick interview with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka published by Wired’s UK division alludes to a perhaps disturbing revelation: Without the boom of online distribution, there may not have been a revival of 2D Sonic.

“We have had the desire to create a new 2D Sonic game for quite a long time,” Iizuka claims in the article. “However, it was difficult from a business perspective, because we [had] many 3D Sonic games released. We were able to overcome this obstacle with the emergence of online distribution.”

Iizuka also feels the pain of many in the community who feel disenfranchised from the hedgehog they love, acknowledging the battery of poor scores many 3D Sonics of the mid to late 2000s endured.

“We are aware that there are titles that the audience and the development team were not satisfied with,” he explained.  “I want to live up to…consumers’ expectations, by contributing more to Sega.”

Adding to that, Iizuka claims the expansion of Sonic characters was done “to create new gameplay and new product values,” in his words.

No clues were given as to what’s next from Iizuka or Sonic Team; the article is mostly insight on the emergence of Sonic 4 as a viable idea.  But we normally don’t hear from Iizuka unless we’re close to something significant, and pieces are coming together indicating as much.  Keep your eyes peeled, as we will be doing.  Thanks to BlazerushDS for sending this in.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us by clicking the Send News Tips link at the top of every page.